Struggling to find the time to clean? Use these tips to stay on track with a clean and tidy house!

When you work full time it’s often difficult to find the time to keep your house clean, juggling work, relationships, kids for some, and the lethargy that is our lives of the busy 21st century.

We get it. We’ve been there, in fact, the majority of us have, whether a slight lack in motivation or the classic breakup scene from your favorite romantic comedy where the dishes pile up, there is a way out.

After all, they say a clean house creates a clean and tidy mind, and who doesn’t want to think straight while having more hours to spend with your family.

So, for all you hard workers out there, here’s how to keep your house clean and tidy year-round.

Clean a little each day

Instead of trying to tackle the house in one big go with little motivation, we recommend cleaning a little each day and keeping on top of the mess. Whether you clean the bathroom, wash the dishes, or hoover every little helps – quite literally.

Likewise, once you begin cleaning each day this will quickly turn into a habit – almost second nature. This way, it will become a regular part of your routine, you won’t think you’ll just clean!

Some ideas to balance your cleaning schedule may include:

  • Cleaning one floor each day
  • Cleaning one room each day
  • Doing one house wide task each day e.g. hoovering, dusting, or polishing

However long you choose to clean each day, whether this is 10-minutes, 30-minutes or 1 hour this will quickly build-up to a clean and tidy home you can be proud of, even if you’re working fifty plus hours a week.

Clean whenever you find ‘the time’

Often find yourself waiting around? While you may think you have no time to clean, chances are you have little snippets of time here and there which could be used for cleaning purposes, instead of scrolling through Facebook (caught you there, didn’t we…).

For example, while dinner is the oven you could clean the kitchen, when the kids are getting ready for school you could tidy the living room, or while you’re waiting to watch Jeremy Kyle you could be cleaning the toilet – classy, we know.

However, making use of these little snippets of time is a great way to split your cleaning up throughout the day and the week, while also making it less mundane.

Get rid of stuff you don’t need

The less stuff you have, the less stuff to clean! Consider having a cleanout of any clutter that may be lying around the house, from old magazines to stuffed toys there’s bound to be a few things you can do without.

This will reduce clutter and make your house much quicker, tidy looking, and easier to clean, giving you more time to watch Netflix and relax from a hard day’s work – you know, the things which really matter.

Put things away

To reduce clutter, we recommend getting used to putting things away after using them. Whether it’s a pair of shoes, a coat, or your favorite magazine or book putting these away directly after use will prevent the build-up of clutter.

A rule we like to follow is the 5-minute rule. If it can be done in less than 5-minutes, do it now – from washing up to putting away dishes this can be used throughout the entire house all week long.

Putting things away alongside cleaning a little each day is a great way to keep on top of your cleaning, preventing the build-up of clutter and keeping your house nice and tidy – all without seeming like a lot of work.

Cleaning is supposed to be easy!

Why make cleaning more difficult than it has to be? Stop putting off making your bed, emptying the dishwasher and scrubbing the toilet! You see, all of these little tasks can be done in such a short time, yet often get left to the last minute.

Instead, make this part of your routine. Don’t wake up in a rush not making your bed and sprinting out the door, wake up a couple of minutes earlier, make your bed, and leave the house in a timely fashion without creating more mess leaving in a hurry.

Furthermore, keep everything neat and organized. Know where you’re car keys are, your shoes, your jacket, and those important documents you need for work. This prevents a last minute frenzy, stopping you from turning your place upside down when they were in your pocket all along.

Keep on top of it…

If your house is already relatively clean, it is much easier to keep on top of it. There are no ‘big’ cleaning tasks, it’s all little jobs which can be done much quicker if it’s already clean. For instance, if you haven’t cleaned the bathroom in two weeks, it’s going to take much longer to clean compared to cleaning it once every three to four days.

Another quick and easy tip is to wipe down surfaces after using them, especially in the kitchen. Don’t leave the spilled pasta sauce so long that it gets up and walks away, wipe these surfaces down every day, taking less than 30-seconds to have them clean, neat, and sparkling!

Or, why not hire a professional?

If you really don’t have enough time, why not hire professional cleaning services? If you’re in the North and Central NJ area you can hire us at My Clean Maid, getting yourself a quote from the website in less than 60-seconds.

We’re able to clean by room or by hour, no matter how big or small your property leave the work to us and spend time where it really matters – whether this is a few extra hours at the office or dinner with your kids, we’ve got your cleaning needs covered.

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